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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

SugarSpoon was Absinthe Minded’s first sponsored event and it was TERRIFIC!

The SugarSpoon Vaudeville & Burlesque Festival came to Tempe’s Sunbar on Saturday, December 7, 2019, debuting a musical comedy variety show called, “The Party.” The show focused around friends celebrating the “39th-Again” birthday of local Drag Queen JoAnn Michaels. The show featured a colorful cast of local Phoenician burlesque dancers, singers, sword swallowers, fire eaters, drag performers, musicians and comedians.

The creators of the festival, Parrish Spisz and Absinthe Minded co-founder Ordovich, sought out to revive the spirit of vaudeville and burlesque with a contemporary style for today’s audiences. “We,” Parrish writes, “want to offer people an experience that entertains on different levels. This is what distinguishes us from other comedy only festivals.” And it was indeed a unique experience, particularly with the added benefit of Absinthe cocktails on the SunBar menu. Spisz and Ordovich recently produced the vaudeville-inspired “The Most Peculiar One-Night Traveling Show” at the Scottsdale Comedy Spot, and SugarSpoon has proven to be an excellent addition the the co-producer’s repertoire.

Absinthe Minded will be participating and hosting future events in Phoenix as a way to both promote our brand and to help contribute to the flourishing culture in the Valley. Please keep posted by subscribing to our mailing list and by following our social media accounts.

Special thanks to SunBar, Silesia Brands, and our incredibly talented performers: JoAnn Michaels, Scarlett Elizabeth Xander, Euphorica, Gabrielle Bryana, Gin Tinkle, Mercury Mei, Eve Ossian, Gene Moore, Monica Alexandra, Lola Van Horn, Kevin Dallas Clopton, and the Bourgeois Beggars! Also, thanks to Mello Jello for setting up her pop-up shop for Eternal Noir!  Thanks Chris for the following photographs: 

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