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Our absinthes are produced with 100% natural herbs based off of traditional formulations with variations to accommodate the palates of the modern drinker.   Pour, sip, and enjoy!
Bottle GOLD black background.jpg
Absinthe Minded GOLD (70% ABV)

A robust absinthe verte, this blend features prominent sweet notes of aniseed, star anise, and fennel, with slight bitter undertones of grande wormwood.  Perfect in the traditional serving manner with sugar, absinthe spoon, and an ice-water drip.


Alc. 70%ABV | 140 Proof

Bottle VERTE.jpg
Absinthe Minded VERTE (40% ABV)

This absinthe is the 1st of it's kind with traditional herbal ingredients broken down to 40%ABV, perfectly suited for mix drinks, shots, or to be served neat.  We added coriander, chamomile, and spearmint to produce a robust herbal profile that will be appealing to the introductory absinthe drinker.


Alc. 40% | 80 Proof

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