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Is It Real Wormwood?

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

One of the most common misconceptions about today's Absinthe is that it's made with fake Wormwood.

Is Absinthe in America made with "real" Wormwood? The answer is YES!

Modern Absinthe and Artemesia absinthiumA common misconception about American Absinthe goes something like, "Oh, American Absinthe isn't made with real wormwood." Actually, it is. In fact, Absinthe gets it's name from grand wormwood's scientific name, Artemesia absinthium, so if it ain't got wormwood, it ain't Absinthe.

That said, thujone, the psychoactive compound in Wormwood is regulated in both the US as well as the EU. Since becoming legalized in 2007, the FDA allows less than 10mg/L of thujone per 750mL bottle vs 30mg/L in the EU. That said, even with a full historical measure of wormwood, American Absinthe will be within these legal limits.

Cheers to the truth about American-made Absinthe 🌿

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