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Absinthe Minded is OUT NOW!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Arizona's Premier Absinthe is now Officially Available!

We finally did it! After over 2 years of hard work and effort, Arizona’s premier absinthe is out now! As you may imagine, rolling out a product is a very slow and tedious process. As of right now, we are available for sale at Adventurous Stills as well as SunBar in Tempe, AZ. We will soon be available at Top’s Liquor and other locations within the coming days. Our goal during this initial phase is to be featured in a select number of bars in the Phoenix Metropolitan area to begin with. We intend to drive all marketing and events to these select few locations until we can begin scaling up. And of course, we could certainly use a little help from YOU. If you have any favorite liquor stores or bars that would be interested in carrying our product, please have them contact us at and we will gladly make it happen.

With that, we want to acknowledge everyone who helped us to get here. Special thanks to Kanwar Singh, our interim CEO who helped us develop a business plan and strategy; Rob and Barbara Slusher for helping us bring our product to market; Konrad Zietal at Silesia Brands for distributing our product; and most importantly, Kelly Lattig, Jeff Reisinger, and Chase Estrin at Adventurous Stills for being the most gracious and brilliant folks to work with. Additional shout-out to our significant others who had to tolerate our obsessions with absinthe.  And for everyone else who helped us consult along the way, we would not be here without you. Thanks and cheers to the future of Absinthe in Arizona!

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